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O2's PDA 'Xda Flame' this Month

Last week, O2's new 'Xda Zinc' with Tegic's XT9 mobile interface was launched.

O2, a UK-based premium brand, has been lately making its presence felt in the Indian market, especially with its wide range of PDA phones.

Speaking about O2 products on the market, Myilravanan Nathar, Country Manager (India), O2, said these could be classified into 5 categories; namely, high performance, lifestyle, messaging, hybrid, and smart phone.

The 'high performance' category is for tech-savvy people, who want a technologically superior gadget, Nathar said.

Very soon, in the third or fourth week of this month, O2 will launch its 'Xda Flame' PDA phone in this category.

Touted as the first dual processor PDA phone with GPU and CPU, the 'Xda Flame' will feature: Nvidia 3D video hardware accelerator, 2GB embedded RAM, 520 Megahertz Intel processor (CPU), 3.6-inches screen, support for TV-VGA output, etc.

'Xda Flame' will be available through Bright Point India Limited, and will be the most expensive of all O2 PDA phones.

O2's second 'lifestyle' category focuses on multimedia and mobile productivity.

O2 has already launched the 'Xda Atom Life' PDA phone in this category. With a 624 Megahertz Intel processor, the 'Xda Atom Life' is the fastest PDA on the market, according to Nathar.

A 3.5G phone that also supports 3G, the 'Xda Atom Life' features: 1GB embedded RAM, and SRS WOW HD, and connects to the network at around 3.6 megabits per second.

The 'Xda Atom Life' will be available this week onwards, for a price that is ikely upwards of Rs 43,000.

In the third or 'messaging' category meant for productivity conscious customers who typically do a lot of messaging, O2 has launched its 'Xda Zinc' PDA phone about a month ago.

The 'Xda Zinc' features: a 520 Megahertz Intel processor, 2.8-inch screen, and full sliding Qwerty keyboard. The PDA comes with various connectivity options. Available on the market, the phone is priced at Rs 38,000 (inclusive of taxes).

The fourth O2 category known as the 'hybrid' category has the 'Xda Stealth,' a fusion product, which when closed becomes a PDA, and when opened becomes a phone.

'Xda Stealth' is priced at around Rs 26,500, however the street price, according to Nathar, is about Rs 21,000 along with warranty.

In the fifth or 'smart phone' category, the company has launched its 'O2 Graphite' smart phone, which operates on Windows Mobile, supports MS Office applications, supports push e-mail through Outlook, among others. 'O2 Graphite' is not yet launched in India as according to Nathar, the market here is not ready for O2 smart phones.

So, with some products already on the market and others to be launched, Nathar revealed that nearly 7 products have been planned for the Indian market this year. Which may mean replacing existing products with newer ones, or adding new ones at different price points, ranging from Rs 25,000 to Rs 45,000.

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