GPS on deadly autonomous helicopter

The same GPS technology that helps millions of people everyday with driving directions is also utilized in this autonomous (and RC) helicopter with a lot of fire power.

In the fully-autonomous mode it utilizes a GPS system, where the operator uploads a flight plan to the killer machine via a laptop, using GPS waypoints.

In this mode, the operator “starts the AutoCopter, engages the Flight Control System, commands the AutoCopter to takeoff and turns all flight operations over to the FCS.” The operator can regain manual control of the AutoCopter at any time by going back to the semi-autonomous mode. If the AutoCopter flies out of RC range, it will turn around and come back within range. If it runs out of gas (it’s gasoline-powered), a parachute will automatically deploy and guide the AutoCopter back to the ground slowly and safely.

It is nice to see the use of GPS in applications other than driving directions but we still would prefer to see GPS technology help cure cancer somehow then create a deadly weapon… via

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