Chrysler to Offer WiFi in 2009 Vehicles

Safety advocates be damned! Chrysler is adding a new in-dash system called UConnect to all it’s 2009 models. This will bring Bluetooth, iPod integration, satellite TV and a mobile hotspot to your vehicle.

Passengers will be able to connect laptops, handhelds and even the web-connected Nintendo Wii. Chrysler is the leading seller of minivans, and I’m sure parents will really appreciate all this multimedia goodness. Keeping those little ones contented is far better than listening to, “Are we there yet?” over and over.

As of yet there is no mention of pricing, but expect to pay an annual or monthly fee.

Safety advocates will be up in arms. California has just started their new handsfree phone law, but there are no laws against playing Wii in the car. Expect other car companies to eagerly wait in the wings to see what the backlash will bring. I predict some law will be passed barring drivers from surfing the web, but adding multimedia capabilities to automobiles will only get more popular.

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