Honeywell's micro air vehicle

If the Iraqis spot a little UFO in the sky it’s just the American army’s latest surveillance tool, the MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) developed by Honeywell. They don’t have to worry about little men landing, just the soldiers watching using the onboard cameras.

Honeywell's micro air vehicle, which uses a lift-augmented ducted fan propulsion system providing true VTOL capability, is now in use in Iraq by the US Army.The MAV is being used to check for roadside bombs and ambushes; it can carry regular day cameras, as well as thermal systems for night use. Streaming real-time video is sent to a ground station for evaluation by troops; the entire system can be carried in two backpacks. The Micro Air Vehicle offers both "hover and stare" as well as "perch and stare" capabilities; it can hover at altitudes as high as 10,500 feet, or it can land and continue sending video. The MAV has performed well in urban environments as well as open field; it can even function in confined spaces. (technovelgy)

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